Not to be outdone by GameFly’s Year-End Sale, Amazon are now having their own sale with a good handful of gems available. Titles like the Limited Edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West are available for a fraction of their prices, as well as the ultra-hard Demon’s Souls with a CD soundtrack! The fun retro PS3 title 3D Dot Game Heroes is also on sale. […]

Update: Wow! Looks like a lot of stuff went really fast! I personally missed out on Monster Hunter Tri and Transformers: War for Cybertron on the cheap, but there’s still plenty of games available on several platforms! This sale may be until January 3rd, but the game you want may not be there! Original: GameFly are having their incredibly huge year-end sale RIGHT NOW. Literally hundreds of used titles at […]

It’s not easy being 22 these days. Whenever I look around I see myself getting older and the generations coming after me are getting younger and younger. I can’t keep up with them anymore. But if there’s one thing that really makes me feel old, it’s video games. Especially sequels to games that come around seven years too late! That’s right, I’m looking at you, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn! It’s […]

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Pokéfans around the world, we know what you’re waiting for: Pokémon Black and White. Slowly but surely we’re getting more and more information on the upcoming games. The official English names of the new starters have been held under wraps until now, but they have now been revealed by the official Pokémon Black & White website.

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GoNintendo posted up a video earlier of the Irish pop “artists” combo known as Jedward, dressed up as their characters from Dragon Quest IX (which they totally play anyway and not because they’re being paid to do so) when they recently appeared in London to promote the game. The nine-minutes long video is below the cut. Bring earbuds, unless you have a strong tolerance for high pitched noises.

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Just got Sonic Colors for both Wii and DS in the mail today, courtesy of the lovely people at SEGA! While you wait for upcoming reviews for each one, please enjoy this ultra-fast TV spot for the Wii version!

Presented by Tony Bradford, our second episode brings back Jens and Herman from last week, and Michael is out as we introduce Derek to the rotating cast. In this episode, Herman discusses with us his personal opinion of Rock Band 3, and Derek goes into detail on his Fallout New Vegas review. We take a look at the usual assortment of news over the past seven days, and our big […]

LucasArts and Traveller’s Tales have released a new trailer for the upcoming Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. It won’t be based on the Clone Wars movie, but on the animated TV show currently airing on Cartoon Network. It’s not half bad, actually. The trailer that is. It seems like Traveller’s Tales are going bigger and better with this new game, with pitched space battles, “mega” boss battles and […]

According to the Wall Street Journal, as of roughly 9:30 AM EST on this day, Viacom has announced that they plan to sell off Rock Band franchise creator, Harmonix Music Systems.

If trying to kill their leader 638 different times and failing didn’t piss Cuba off, then this certainly has.