Blizzard had a new title to announce at PAX East today, and while it wasn’t a massive new core entry in an existing franchise or anything (PAX is too small a stage for a new core entry in a Blizzard IP), Collectible Card Game fans should nonetheless finding themselves leaping with joy. The new game in question is called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and represents a CCG take on the popular Blizzard […]

We’re coming up to the end of things here and while I am depressed beyond belief that Rock Band will be ending DLC in a little over a week, I can finally rest well knowing that my five years of requesting Chevelle have finally paid off. Shame it wasn’t a week earlier to celebrate my birthday. I WILL make it known, however, that Harmonix calling it “Chevelle Pack 01” when […]

Sony have just unveiled the Playstation Plus update that European games can expect to see in April, and, well, its a complete knock out. Kicking things off in April, PS3 gamers can get the breathtaking Okami HD for absolutely zilch. Capcom’s HD opus is also flanked by Tolkien themed hack and slasher Lord of the Rings: War in the North and quirky Ron Gilbert puzzler The Cave on the same day. […]

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Ubisoft have just chucked out a developer commentary video for Splinter Cell: Blacklist which shows off a whole bunch of new gameplay set inside an abandoned mill. As well as giving us a brief overview of the gadgetry that Sam finds himself accosted with this time out, the video also plays quite neatly into the affections of long-time fans with a bespoke focus and stealthiness that was jarringly absent from […]

Square-Enix have just registered a trademark for something called Lara Croft: Reflections. If you look at the trademark itself, as well as videogames, you’ll note that it also covers movies and other mediums as well, meaning that we could be looking at a film title or animated movie perhaps.  There is of course the equal chance that Lara Croft: Reflections is the title of an iOS/Android spin-off of the popular […]

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Kickstarter released some pretty interesting stats regarding games funded through them.  $107.6 Million have been pledged to games with 1,476 successful projects and 633,242 individual backers. This was a pretty good sum up of how things have changed over the years: For a good illustration of how times have changed, look at creator Adam Poots, who raised $1,741 from 28 backers for his Kingdom Death miniatures project in 2009, becoming one of the […]

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Two Tribes is bringing back the yellow penguin, chicken bird-thing in a brand new Toki Tori. While the first game was a level-based puzzle game (think Lolo) the new game is an open-world puzzle adventure game and introduces new features such as whistling and stomping. The game should release on April 4th pending Nintendo approval. Check out the trailer over at Game Informer.

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Being the great sports that they are, Square-Enix has decided to release a new English language trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX at PAX East. A HD remastering of the original Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on PS2 and the cutscenes from the Nintendo DS Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days title, the PS3 exclusive is currently due to arrive later on this year during the Fall/Autumn. See the trailer for […]

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The studio behind the commercially and critically successful XCOM and Civilisation titles, Firaxis Games, has announced their next strategic foray; the freemium iOS strategy title Haunted Hollow. As the moniker suggests, Haunted Hollow marks a significant thematic departure for the studio.  Gone are the po-faced issues of world domination and alien invasion, instead replaced by haunted houses, cartoony ghouls and ghosts and all manner of charming things that go bump in the […]

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After being the subject of rumour late last year, news has reached our ears today that Capcom is now putting the finishing touches on getting Capcom Vs SNK2 released on the Playstation 3. Regarding the release, Capcom USA boss Christian Svensson said “[The] current schedule for the release of the PS2 game is the end of April.  Mind you, if Sony chooses, that could move (it is later than I […]

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