Hot off the heels of Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters being leaked as future XBLA/PSN releases, comes the news from Japan that Sega will be re-releasing a selection of ‘Model 2‘  arcade titles for XBLA and PSN. The Model 2 arcade hardware was notable for powering a great deal of Sega’s arcade output from 1993 to 1995. Check after the jump for more details.

Remember the time I was really hopeful about a survival-horror PC title and it made me cry really horribly? Yes, that’s kind of how I feel about Outlast a little, BUT I do admit that it looks really interesting. Like, Amnesia interesting. Red Barrel Games‘ Outlast could be one of those sleeper hits next year. For a press release and teaser trailer, check behind the cut.

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Four new multiplayer packs, several weapons and items, and a brand new faction are making their way to Max Payne 3 with the Hostage Negotiation Pack. Available October 30th for 800 MSP on Xbox 360 or $9.99 on PlayStation 3 and PC (or free with Max Payne 3‘s Rockstar Pass), you’ll able to smite some online foes in whole new ways.

The next multiplayer expansion for Battlefield 3, titled Aftermath, has been given a release date and new trailer. The fourth expansion for the EA published and DICE developed FPS will reach the sweaty paws of PS3 Premium subscribers first on November 27th, with PC and Xbox 360 Premium subscribers following a week later on December 4th. Non-Premium subbers on the other hand, are staggered further still with the standard PS3 release date […]

11 Studios, the team who brought you Anomaly: Warzone Earth, is proud to bring you their iOS success Funky Smugglers to all Android platforms! Use an X-Ray scanner to snag all those nasty items people are trying to bring in illicit items and it’s your job to stop them. Complete with ultra-groovy 70s soundtrack, Android platforms will be able to enjoy the title for only a buck! Check out the […]

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Available exclusively for the PlayStation 3, NIS of America is proud to announce that Mugen Souls is now available for purchase. In fact, it’s only $49.99, so there’s no reason to not go forth and enjoy this moe adventure.

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UPDATE:  According to numerous sources, whilst Doom 1 and Doom 2 are inaccessible from the Doom 3 BFG launcher, it seems like you can still access both games from the ‘My Games’ screen which shows your games library. Bethesda have since had this to say regarding this issue: “”If you do install DOOM 3 BFG Edition to your Hard Drive, you will still be able to access both titles from the […]

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Brand new characters and features for Gazillion Entertainment‘s forthcoming free-to-play Marvel Heroes MMO have been unveiled at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Some of the new characters include the likes of Jean Grey, Luke Cage, Nova and Rocket Raccoon. Oh go on, have a look after the break; you know you want to.

ATLUS sent out an email to newsletter subscribers letting us all know that Odin Sphere, the amazingly fantastic PS2 Classic is available for 50% off on PSN this week. The fun gameplay, the absolutely gorgeous visuals, for only $4.99, this game is a no brainer for everybody on the planet even if, like me, you already own it on a physical PS2 disc without a PS3 that actually plays PlayStation […]

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Burnout and decent Need For Speed developer Criterion Games confirmed to British newspaper The Guardian, that a new Burnout game would arrive at some point in the future as well as their own take on the cult Road Rash franchise. Click after the break for more.