Operation Rainfall will be complete in just a few short months… Back in the days when Nintendo was adamant about dicking over it’s American customers regarding three high profile titles, the internet came together to demand we get those games. Two have already been released in the US, Xenoblade Chronicles courtesy Nintendo themselves, The Last Story thanks to XSEED Games. XSEED Games has once again stepped up to complete the […]

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Ubisoft has today confirmed that the next entry in their Splinter Cell franchise, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, will endure a delay to August 20th, 2013; presumably to lavish a ton more polish (and hopefully a lot more stealth gameplay) onto the title. Coinciding with the delay, Ubisoft have also released a new trailer for the game which shows more of the stealthy good stuff than any piece of media released thus far for […]

It is a time to rejoice indeed as another one of those fantastic Indie Royale bundles has just popped online. The Indie Royale Snow Storm Bundle contains six indie gems that you can get for a terribly cheap price.  If you pay more than the average price, they’ll also chuck in a soundtrack album too. Check out the games and a trailer for the bundle after the break.

Easily the highlight of this week’s “heads-up” European Playstation Plus update, Sony have confirmed through their blog that the rather excellent Jet Set Radio will be part of the Instant Game Collection for the Vita. Meaning its completely bonkers free. You can see the entirety of this week’s Euro-centric update here. Free Jet Set Radio on the Vita though eh?  Can’t really complain about that!

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This is basically the best thing your PC will get to do all day. Catzilla, the new benchmarking tool from All Benchmark, is a new test to measure graphical grunt of your PC but it does so with a massive, eye-ray shooting cat stomping around a cityscape and laying all in its path to utter ruin. Its absolutely brilliant and you can grab it here for free. For those of you though […]

It certainly looks like Square-Enix is wasting no time accentuating their focus on on the mobile market as they’ve announced yet another mobile exclusive Final Fantasy, with the iOS platform getting the first release. Titled, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, otherwise known as Final Fantasy: ATB (yeah, they’d hope you get it), brings together characters from all the various Final Fantasy titles into a game which is geared exclusivity toward the combat […]

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In a fit of generosity, starting today Sony have announced that they will make one Playstation Mobile game free every week for six weeks; resulting in six unique offerings for the platform. Any Sony certified tablet, smartphone and the PS Vita can take advantage of the promotion and the details of how to take advantage of it can be found here. The inaugural freebie appears to be Samurai Beatdown; an  interesting looking […]

Every day Google has a new doodle celebrating something or honoring someone on the launch page of their search engine. Today they’re celebrating Frank Zamboni’s 112th birthday. For those unaware; he’s the guy who invented the Zamboni Ice Resurfacer, that street sweeper looking machine that trundles out after hockey games and resurfaces the ice. Today you can play as a Zamboni and fix the ice after ice-skating hooligans mess it up. It’s […]

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Nintendo of Japan have today confirmed the news that the console manufacturer will merge its home console and handheld divisions as a component of larger organisational changes hinted at by the Japanese newspaper, Nikkei. Apparently scheduled to happen sometime next month, the move is thought to be part of an initiative to create a higher amount of synergy between the console and handheld divisions, with the eventual goal of a creating future […]

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In their latest issue, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has a multi-page feature spilling the details on Grasshopper Manufacture’s Killer is Dead; the next game from No More Heroes and Killer 7 director Goichi “Suda 51″ Suda. We’ve got all those juicy details for you after the break.

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