“What is Columbia if not another Ark for another time?” A new trailer for BioShock Infinite movie-fies the upcoming spiritual sequel to the one of the highest-rated shooters ever to be released. Irrational Games shows off a bit of Columbia while offering a bit of mystery about Elizabeth, the title’s young lady with a supernatural gift. Check out the new teaser after the cut.

Sega have released a multiplayer trailer for their forthcoming xenomorph set-piece, blast-fest Aliens: Colonial Marines. The trailer focuses on the various tactics that can be employed in the various multiplayer game modes and can’t help but think that had I been aware of even a fraction of them, I likely would have fared much better than I did when I went hands-0n with multiplayer portion of the Gearbox Software developed title […]

Sony have today released a new in-game trailer for the PS Vita take on their Killzone franchise; Killzone: Mercenary. It all looks mind-bogglingly pretty too, serving as timely reminder that Sony’s second-generation handheld can pump out some really decent, almost PS3-quality visuals when it wants to. The game itself comes with a single-player campaign that includes nine missions, which according to Guerilla Games producer Poria Torkan will last for nearly an […]

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Oooh EA; you teasing cockers. In their recent conference call, The mega-publisher has said that they’ll be revealing more about Battlefield 4 “in about 90 days time”. We’ve got more on this after the jump.

After Medal of Honor: Warfighter was critically derided for being a generic hunk of contemporary shootery crap following its release last October, EA have decided to shelve the series according to EA CEO Peter Moore who made the announcement in an investor call today. We’ve got more on this after the break.

Insomanic Games‘ four-player co-op shooter Fuse (formerly known as Overstrike) has been pushed back from a March release to sometime in between the beginning of April and the end of June of this year, putting it smack dab in what we call Q2, but what EA likes to call fiscal Q1. The delay allows Insomniac to put some “extra work” into the title, which means taking things out to save […]

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The business about the microtransactions in Dead Space 3 caused a tiny uproar among expectant fans, but it’s not really surprising considering that EA is the publishing power behind the title. Basic upgrades are relatively inexpensive, costing a dollar, while more expansive and comprehensive DLC, including stronger weapons and upgrades to your resource gathering bots, will cost you a fiver.

It’s still weeks out from Valentine’s Day, but Bungie already decided to show some serious love to a young man who received a very serious liver transplant. Reddit user fiscal_ reached out on the community boards asking about some contact info for the minds behind the original Halo bits. The conscientious dad though his boy could use some cheering up with someone from one of his favorite games, and Bungie […]

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Xyla Entertainment, the company that brought you Steampunk Chronicles, have released their second title today! Rush Bros., a music-based platformer that pits two players, local or online, head-to-head in a race to the finish to music. The title’s available right now for PC and Mac! Oh, and did I mention you can use your OWN music to play the game? There’s a multiplayer demo available, or you can purchase the […]

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist got a lot of press at E3 2012 for having a really brutal torture scene where Sam Fisher cuts a little deep for information from a hostage. That scene, though, will not be making it into the final version of the game. “We’ve scaled a lot of that [violence] back, and as we’ve gone through the process of development there are always things that you feel are […]