It’s just a gallery day, innit? Check out this badass concept art from Grasshopper Manufacture for Shadows of the DAMNED, the Shinji Mikami/Goichi Suda tag-team effort sure to make you wet your bed at night come June 7th. Nightmare fuel, hoooooooo!

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Damn yeah. Valve has finally revealed just how Steam is going to function on the PS3.

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We haven’t reported too much on Konami‘s clever title, NeverDead, but I’ve been following it on my own time and I have to say that I am way, way excited. Basically, you are an immortal dude named Bryce Boltzmann and you get to fight demons. The cool part is that you can remove your own limbs in kooky manners slay said demons. For example, you can get something huge dropped […]

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While there’s not a whole lot on the new site, the gates are open for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS. There are some cool tidbits on there, though, like some cool new artwork, as well as a “3D” page you can play with. Check out the boxart and a screencap of the art behind the cut!

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DO A BARREL ROLL. In THREE-DEEEEEEEEE. Come July 14th, less than a month after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D releases, you’ll be able to go into All-Range mode in three dimensions with Star Fox 64 3D, a handheld remake of the excellent home console game. You can check out the Japanese teaser site, or wait for an English one, likely to come soon to an internet near […]

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After being delayed, Otomedius Excellent has a release date in Japan once more. A new trailer (after the break) reveals an April 21st drop date for Japan. The Gradius/360/boob fusion ship shooter/bullet hell game will also find its way to North American shores. Eventually. Hit the cut for the oh-so-jiggly trailer filled with typical anime tropes and kawaii-desu~ anime girls and loads of explodey goodness.

Sorry for the huge banner, but it was hard to find a good shot of all the characters at once. What happens when birds and pigs work together instead of destroying homes and one another for the sake of eggs? Well, famous cartoon birds and pigs have brought you this special announcement to stop these terrible Angry Birds wars and save the lives of thousands of birds and pigs each […]

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. Daniel Vendrell is a great artist, with a strong love of video games (which, of course, shines through in his art). The images speak for themselves, really, so I’ll save you the trouble of explaining any of this. No nudity, but some things might be a little spicy for work, so an NSFW tag is in place. Check out the gallery after the cut and make sure to check […]

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If you’re like me, then you’ve probably been eagerly anticipating El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, with its strange marriage of brawling/platforming gameplay and Biblical setting. Well, a demo is dropping on April 14th, but not entirely sure if that’s strictly for Japan or for North America as well. Also, no word on if the demo is for 360, PS3 or both. El Shaddai is due for a Japanese release […]

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Crystal Dynamics did a really great job giving the great Tomb Raider games an HD facelift. Now that same HD facelift is coming to you for a discount via Amazon.

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