You know you’ve all wanted to be one of the hundreds of exes Miss Moxxie has racked up in Borderlands 2. Well today is your chance. With new SHiFT codes from Gearbox you get a new skin to make your character the prettiest of pink, and Moxxi’s Critical Heart Breaker shotgun which will level up to whatever level you are when you redeem the code. But act fast, they’re only good […]

During their Nintendo Direct showcase, Nintendo debuted a brand new trailer for their upcoming rhythm beat fantasy title Harmo Knight. Endowed with charm, character and an almost overwhelming amount of whimsy, this latest trailer shows that Harmo Knight could be just the ticket for folks looking for a light-hearted rhythm based romp for their 3DS handheld. We’ve got the new trailer for you after the jump.

Another little gem to come out of today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast was the announcement of a new entry in the Mario & Luigi group of RPG games by Nintendo. Built for Nintendo 3DS and living up to its title; the game has players rummaging around in green-slacked one’s dreams, solving puzzles and defeating enemies. The game is currently due for release sometime this summer and in the meantime, we’ve got […]

Well this is certainly a pleasant surprise. During their Nintendo Direct briefing, Nintendo announced Donkey Kong Returns 3D for the Nintendo 3DS; a plush 3D re imagining of the Retro Studios developed Donkey Kong Country Returns title which was released on the Wii a couple of years back. At the moment a release date of ‘Summer 2013′ is all that is known, however, 3DS owners will be able to get a cheeky early look […]

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After a round of layoffs and a failed Kickstarter project, things weren’t looking rosy for Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games at all. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that those guys were probably staring at the bottom of their pints a little more wistfully than they have done in recent times. A good thing then that seemingly out of nowhere, World of Tanks developer has said […]

I was ecstatic about Aliens: Colonial Marines. It was my most anticipated shooter of this year, even above BioShock Infinite. Yeah. That’s how excited I was about Colonial Marines. But this before and after comparison of a gameplay demo from last year and the final product is abysmal. How did this happen?

These have been floating around the internet for a bit, but it is still important to analyze the speculation and possibilities, especially when Sony is so ready to do something on February 20th. The next iteration of Microsoft‘s Xbox is rumored to require a constant internet connection in order to function, have a new version of the Kinect motion controller, and will finally be integrating blu-ray capabilities to replace DVD9s.

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Fumito Ueda, the former director on Sony‘s increasingly elusive The Last Guardian, has popped up to drop a status report on everybody; letting them know that production on the game continues apace and that he remains as an active freelance contributor to the oft-delayed project. What is interesting of course, is that his statement not only foreshadows a future announcement by Sony, but that it should come so close to […]

A brand new sale will be kicking off today on the EU Playstation Store according to the EU Playstation Blog. It seems like it’ll be quite the little cracker too with the likes of Batman: Arkham City to be had €11.99/£9.69, Darksiders 2 for €9.99/£9.99 and finally, the entirety of The Sly HD Trilogy for a frankly bargainous  €9.99/£7.99. Playstation Plus members will also be happy to know that they’ll be eligible […]

You guys remember Superfrog don’t you?  Sure you do! Superfrog was a plucky little platformer released in the bright and wonderous days of the Amiga 500 which cast you as the titular amphibian and had you bounding through a variety of brightly coloured worlds (well, as brightly coloured as 32 colours could allow) collecting fruit and boshing bugs on the noggin en route to the exit. It was top-notch stuff back […]