Tonight at 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST/11 p.m GMT, Sony is expected to unveil the successor to the Playstation 3 tonight in an exclusive event being held at their 2013 Playstation Meeting in New York City. On this fateful night, we should finally know what the machine is going to be called (the current codename is Orbis), an overview of what it can do and naturally, get a taste of some […]

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Late last year we reviewed Dennaton Games‘ Hotline Miami and thought it was the absolute bomb; bestowing an almighty 9/10 on the gloriously triumphant violent shooter. Folks were jealous.  Specifically, folks who didn’t own a gaming PC were jealous. Well fear not, for Dennaton Games has announced that a version of the game is due for PS3 and PS Vita platforms sometime this spring and better yet; its Cross-Buy compliant which […]

“Are you afraid of God?” asks Elizabeth, “No, but I am afraid of you”, replies a fearful Booker De Witt. If there was ever any doubt about just how central Elizabeth is to the storyline of Bioshock: Infinite, not to mention the extent of her awesome powers, than the newly released ‘Lamb of Colombia’ trailer for the game should ably put such thoughts at rest. You’ll find the excellent new trailer after […]

Asura’s Wrath developer CyberConnect 2 has dropped a totally epic looking trailer for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Now before you roll your eyes up into the back of your skull at the fact that its a game based on an anime apparently embraced by kids and neck-bearded ‘otaku’ the world over, you should probably realise three things. 1)  This game comes from the same developer as Asura’s Wrath […]

After their trio of home console, nostalgia-panging overview videos, Sony appears to be capping things off by releasing a video detailing their flirtations with the handheld gaming space. The remembrance of their handheld offerings is certainly an interesting thing to do at this stage (especially with their newest bite at the apple, the Vita, being just over a year old), as it, along with the chronicling of  their home console history, points towards a more […]

This is one easily of the saddest days in my gaming life. The series I have played and loved for five years is ending it’s weekly DLC on April 2nd.  The reason I was even hired on this site was to cover Rock Band news and it quickly grew to much more, but to me, this absolutely sucks. I can’t even think of a joke to make in this situation. […]

Sony has a big event coming Wednesday, so with that in mind, I think they’re trying to impress us in preparation of the impending alleged PS4 reveal. Well bad news, Sony, you’ve screwed up enough this gen for me that even a fantastic week of PS Plus isn’t enough to change my mind on the PS3 era. Bring back PS2 compatibility and we’ll talk… That said, this week of PS […]

After a decent and successful run in 2011, Kevin Tancharoen‘s Mortal Kombat: Legacy webseries has long been confirmed for a second season and now we have the first trailer for you folks to gorge yourselves on. Once more, the series is a ten-episode affair but this time will look to include some fresh faces alongside the usual stalwarts that weren’t seen last time with the likes of Kenshi, Striker and Ermac present to […]

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After a year of almost complete silence since its original announcement at TGS 2011, Final Fantasy X HD at last decided to show its shy face at the Japanese exclusive Vita Heaven event that sought to reassure owners that their favourite gaming handheld wasn’t going down the toilet. At least, not yet anyway. We’ve managed to capture the demonstration for you after the jump, but it really is the briefest of […]

At long last the house that Halo built and former Microsoft first-party developer Bungie, have just now officially revealed their first post-Halo IP – the massively sprawling, cross-generational, social media focused epic shooter that is Destiny. Better yet, they’ve officially unveiled it with a bunch of moving pictures (in the form a snazzy Vidoc) that we have for you after the break.  Take a look!