Let me apologize up front for the brevity of this week’s eShop update. I had some needles shoved into my back today and the less I sit at my desk, the better. Let’s get on with the info so I can get on with laying on the couch crying in pain like the little girl I am. Wii U eShop update for 2/21 F-Zero (SNES Virtual Console) – $0.30 – […]

iThing owners I call to thee! In case you don’t already own PopCap Games perilously addictive Plants Vs Zombies for your device, then today is your day to redeem yourself as the game is free on all iOS formats; including the HD version for the iPad. Hurry though, its free for today only!

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Zelda fans have something to be happy about today as Nintendo have confirmed that the Capcom developed Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages titles, will be headed to the Japanese eShop next week. Price-wise, the games are tipped to cost 600 yen each (about £4.20/$5.50), but to lighten the sting for folks planning to buy both of the Game Boy Color classic RPG‘s (they are interconnected after all), there will […]

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In the wake of last night’s Playstation 4 reveal, CD Projekt Red has said that the PlayStation 4 will be the recipient of a Witcher title, as the developer has confirmed that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release for the console sometime next year. Additionally, the developer has said that the threequel will not only launch on the Playstation 4 next year, but will also launch simultaneously on the next-generation Xbox […]

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Yes, you read right; some DLC has miraculously appeared for Mossmouth‘s excellent Spelunky on XBLA with no warning or build up. Two new DLC packs a re available for 160 of your Microsoft Points. First up is the Explorers DLC pack which simply gives you eight new explorers to send to their doom in the adventure or deathmatch modes.  The new faces include the Golden Monk, the Robot, the Viking, the Round Girl, […]

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In dispelling the biggest (and quite possibly nastiest) of rumours surrounding their fourth generation Playstation, Sony confirmed to Eurogamer that their latest and greatest home console will in fact play second-hand used games. Right up until last night’s reveal of the machine, it had been postulated by many rumour outlets that Sony intended to lock use of games to a single console through a patented technology that they sought to […]

The PlayStation Vita remake of Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden, is now available on Europe’s PlayStation Network. A physical retail version of the title will be available later this week on February 22nd. Europeans, please enjoy this excellent revision of an already superb game. Go! Go on! Do it!

You know Kingdom Hearts X, that rumored Kingdom Hearts title that was supposed to be a free-to-play browser-based affair?  Well, what would you know, it turned out to be an actual thing after all. Officially confirmed by Square-Enix, the PC browser-based title is a free to play card battler which is unsurprisingly heavily stuffed with microtransactions. There are however, a number of incentives in place and chief among these is if […]

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Along with a few other new tidbits for Devil May Cry, Capcom announced today that the first DLC, Vergil’s Downfall will be available March 5th for PS3 and the 6th for Xbox 360. There’s also a free title update and a new gameplay style called Bloody Palace Mode, which are both available today for free. Additionally there’s some new weapons available today, not free unfortunately, but there’s 3 cool options: […]

According to ESPN, Take-Two, the new custodians of the WWE license, will release their first entry since they took over the franchise from failed publisher THQ this Autumn under the guise WWE2K14. If the numbering convention used in the title seems familiar  that’s because it is; 2K Games has utlised the ’2K’ branding throughout their sports titles such as the NBA2K and NHL2K offerings and as such going forward, the franchise will […]