Last year I did a roundup of some of my favorite “news” that cropped up on April 1st and I’m here to do it again. I’m doing it despite someone one of our fellow writers beating me to the April Fools punch, but I don’t care! Jokes!

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Before the internet we were all happy celebrating April Fools day by covering our roommate’s entire bedroom with post-it notes, gift-wrapping everything – absolutely everything – on our co-workers desks, or jokingly burning down our neighbor’s house, then just as he returns from a hard day at work, jumping out from behind the shrubbery yelling, “OH MAN, I SO GOT YOU. YOU GOT OWNED. FUCKING OWNED.” while he begins sobbing at […]

If you are a part of Square Enix‘s reward scheme, now is the time to act! They announced just Thursday the rewards for 2012 members who have been diligently buying their games and registering codes on the Square Enix Members website. In the past the prizes have been broken down into four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ultimate/Platinum. This year they seem to have left the Bronze members out to […]

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The 15th annual IGF awards were held this evening in San Francisco and if you weren’t at GDC (Or didn’t wait in the horrendous line to get in) here are the winners: Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Cart Life, by Richard Hofmeier Nuovo Award: Cart Life, by Richard Hofmeier Excellence in Visual Arts: Kentucky Route Zero, by Cardboard Computer Excellence in Audio: 140, by Jeppe Carlsen Excellence in Design: FTL: Faster […]

On first pass, Battlefield 4 seems depressingly like business as usual for the next iteration in the Battlefield series; a franchise that has notably been awarded its own, gold-crusted bi-yearly spot on EA’s FPS conveyor belt.  With the exception of those explosions.  Those explosions look mighty nice and all fancy looking.

While not exactly news, this is pretty adorable. A daughter asked her dad why she couldn’t play as Pauline in Donkey Kong and save Mario, so naturally, the father did the obvious thing and hacked the game to let her do so. He redrew the frames for the characters to give them appropriate walk cycles (especially since Mario doesn’t come with a ‘thrown over Donkey Kong’s shoulder’ animation) and changed […]

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Episode 2 is here! You know, for all of the reader that checked out the first episode… And look! We have a fancy banner thanks to Randall Drew of Rkdia Comics! He did this week’s video image as well. Episode 2: On Location with Youth Large sees the crew recording on location at The Video Game Store in downtown Wilkes Barre, PA. Small (Tim) was working, so why not, right? […]

A few weeks back Sony told us that we would “see the future” of Playstation at its New York City event next week, but if this photo is cracked up to all its meant to be, then it looks like the future (or at least part of it) may have leaked a little earlier. Catch the details after the break.

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VaultCast? What the hell is that?? Let me share the knowledge. The SML VaultCast is a podcast that I have started up with my friends Tim Robinson and Jason “Boge” Bogert. It will be a weekly release with unique themes and general fun times for all. The SML stands for Small, Medium, and Large, because when you place Tim, Boge, and myself next to each other, those are our sizes. […]

It’s still weeks out from Valentine’s Day, but Bungie already decided to show some serious love to a young man who received a very serious liver transplant. Reddit user fiscal_ reached out on the community boards asking about some contact info for the minds behind the original Halo bits. The conscientious dad though his boy could use some cheering up with someone from one of his favorite games, and Bungie […]

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