Genre: Survival Horror/Shooter | Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: TBC | Rating: TBC | Release: TBC Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld certainly isn’t short of big-hitting franchises. Street Fighter. Metal Gear Solid. Dead or Alive. Ridge Racer. And that’s to say nothing of Nintendo’s own legendary series. So, Capcom have decided to go one better and release not one, but two Resident Evil games. Resident Evil: […]

Genre: Point & Click Adventure | Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom Platform: DS | Players: 1 | Rating: T (Teen) In Ghost Trick, you’re dead before the game even begins. You play a ghost who at first can’t remember his name or anything of his recently-ended life who has one simple power – the ability to play Ghost Tricks. Told he has one night to unravel the mystery of his […]

When Telltale Games announced they were working with Universal to make a Back to the Future adventure game, it sounded like a match made in heaven. OF COURSE there should be a BttF adventure game, and who better to develop it? Now the first episode is here, and we’ve taken a look to see if the formula is as golden as it sounds.

Hello, friends! Jason Heine here, with another special edition of The Emulator Review! I wanted to take a closer look at the new “OnLive” service. This service allows you to play games on your Mac, PC, or HDTV whether the game was formatted for a specific operating system or not. The big thing is that you can play PC games on your Mac! And of course, you can also play […]

Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up | Developer: Housemarque | Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform: PlayStation 3 | Players: 1-2 (Online/Offline) | Rating: M (Mature) You’d think the whole zombie apocalypse thing would have gotten stale by now, wouldn’t you? They’re everywhere at the moment — movies, television, books, video games. Especially video games. Whether it’s Capcom’s longstanding Resident Evil games or Valve’s sublime Left 4 Dead series, it’s hard not to […]

Genre: Action-adventure | Developer: Ninja Theory | Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3 | Players: 1 | ESRB: T (Teen), PEGI: 16 We’ve seen plenty of video games adapt films or simply spin off from a film franchise, but it’s a rare thing to see a video game be based on a novel. Not just any novel though: a 420 year old Chinese novel about a Buddhist […]

Genre: Third Person Shooter | Developer: Platinum Games | Publisher: SEGA Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3 | Players: 1 | Rating: M (Mature) While putting together my review for Platinum’s Game latest masterpiece, I came across a bit of a conundrum – I couldn’t find an adequate word to describe Vanquish. A word so simple it could sum up the whole game title in less than ten syllables. A word […]

When Double Fine announced that instead of making another big retail game, they were instead working on four downloadable titles, I got excited. Brütal Legend was a game with an amazing atmosphere and direction, but it felt stretched too thin over a not-quite-as-strong gameplay system. So when this news hit, I thought "Of course! This way they can focus on what they do best, like writing and art direction, without the game outstaying it's welcome." The first of the four projects, Costume Quest, is out now on XBLA and PSN, and we get to see if this was indeed was the perfect move for Double Fine as a developer.

Genre: (Online) RPG | Developer: Alfa System | Publisher: SEGA Platform: PSP | Players: Ad-Hoc & Online: (1-4) | Rating: PEGI 12 Phantasy Star Online might have been a hit after it’s initial Dreamcast release and Gamecube/Xbox reincarnations, but later installments within the series were able to make loyal fans cry. With Phantasy Star Portable 2, Alfa System hopes to redeem Sega’s past mistakes, finally giving PSO-ites a reason to […]

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Genre: Strategy | Developer: Team 17 | Publisher: Team 17 Platform: PC | Players: 1, Pass-and-Play, 4 Online | Rating: E When I was a kid, I used to play a lot of Worms. The original was my favourite, but I also had a massive soft spot for Worms: Reloaded, the expansion pack. My overriding memory of that expansion pack is that it had a team named after TV hosts […]

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