The plan: choose a game neither of us have played, and start recording the moment the disc hits the tray. No rehearsals. No planning. Unadulterated, unscripted commentary as we play. The grand return of the main G&G series is here! To mark the occasion we bring in our first guest Lunchbox to play some Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe for Xbox 360. With our comic book fantasies and fanfics brought […]

The recently revealed Back to the Future inspired car will be hovering around Paradise City soon is apparently only one of four cars that are going to be introduced in the upcoming Legendary Cars Download Content. Criterion has now revealed all four of the cars. One will be inspired by Ghostbusters; The Manhattan Spirit is based of Ecto-1. In-game, the car will act as a stunt car and have a special […]

Straight from the newest edition of Nintendo Power, here’s some in-depth information on the newest addition to the Wii exclusive Storybook series, which began with Sonic and the Secret Rings: - Animated woodcut-esque cut-scenes - Only looks like the opening scene is in prerendered 3D - Shadow as Sir Lancelot, Knuckles as Sir Gawain, Amy Rose as Lady of the Lake - Shadow and Knuckles playable in multiplayer Battle mode […]

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In an official press release from Square Enix, the Japanese publisher states the next chapter in the Dragon Quest saga will be released in PAL territories in late February. The game will feature a story that branches from the hero’s childhood, all the way up to adulthood. New features include “Exotica Net”, which allows players to swap items with other players, even while the DS is in Standby. The graphics […]

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Nintendo is preparing to launch a new channel for their home console called the “Wiinoma Channel”. Wiinoma is the much awaited video channel for the Wii and will feature “family oriented content” like cartoons, quizzes and educational programming, exclusive for the Wii. Most of the content will be free to download (with ads, mind), though some programmes will cost a few Wii points. The channel will be launched in Japan […]

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It seems that a recent press release from Sony Pictures, detailing the 25th Anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie, has inadvertently revealed the release date for the upcoming Ghostbusters video game from Atari. Ghostbusters: The Video Game is penned for a worldwide release in “the week of June 16, 2009″; specifically, it will be hitting us on June 19th! From the press release: America’s favorite paranormal psychologists are back to save […]

In a Q&A with GameDaily, NoA Prez Reggie Fils-Aime insists that Nintendo continously listens to its fans. The company has had to endure a lot of critisism lately, due to their recent console mostly being reduced to the status of a “casual console”. “We listen to our fans all the time,” said Reggie. “Nintendo fans are the most passionate in the world, and believe me, they make their opinions heard. […]

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Capcom has just announced release dates for its line-up in the first half of 2009. It looks like it’s going to be a good start to the year for Capcom and gamers alike with titles like Street Fighter IV only weeks away, and Resident Evil 5 and next-gen Bionic Commando coming shortly behind. Flock! (XBLA/PSN) – February Street Fighter IV (360/PS3) – February 20 Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop […]

The Japanese video game market took another fall in 2008, according to Kotaku, much like it did in 2007… and the problem doesn’t look like it’s gonna disappear any time soon. In 2008, the video game market pulled in a total of ¥582.61 billion, down from the ¥687.95 billion brought in during 2007. More noticably, hardware sales dropped from ¥327.41 billion to ¥250.5 billion. Software sales fared better, remaining about […]

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It’s Christmas already in some parts of the world, and it’s just around the corner for the rest of us. As such, the gang here at The Gaming Vault will be wrapping things up on the website until the new year. From myself, and everyone else on staff, have a pleasant holiday season. May your next few days be full of cheer, happiness… and lots and lots of video games! […]

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