Mega Man fans, prepare to get Mega Excited about some Mega Awesomeness. The entire original Mega Man NES lineup is going to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop Virtual Console! The first game in the series, Mega Man, obviously, hits on December 27th followed by Mega Man 2 on February 7th. The rest of the series will be showing up “in regular intervals” throughout the rest of […]

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The first person dungeon crawler Unchained Blades, which hit the PSP this past summer, is finally making it’s way to the Nintendo 3DS on January 3rd. The game, developed by FuRyu and published in the US by XSEED Games, is launching only as a digital download on the 3DS eShop and will run $29.99. Get yourself a nice look of the launch trailer after the jump and for more info […]

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Do you like money? Of course not. That’s why you’re going to give it all to Square-Enix this holiday season. For the next couple weeks, until January 2, they are chopping their prices in half for near every game available in their online store. Even the brand new Hitman: Absolution is included in the sale, for $39.99 on all platforms. It’s not quite 50%, but you can’t really complain about […]

Have you got an iPad? Perhaps just a lowly iPod Touch? Either way, guess what. It’s party time. The über entertaining, yet unfortunately named rhythm game from Square Enix is now available for download on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad units. And get this – it’s free! Squeenix announced today the re-release of it’s musical celebration Theathrythm for all three iDevices, along with some pretty sweet exclusive content. Check out […]

It’s true, it’s damn true! Rayman Legends finally brings it’s demo to the Wii U eShop! A total of four demos are hitting the various eShops today along with some Virtual Console releases and some Chuck E. Cheese to boot. Talk about a varied update, eh? Get the full details after the break!

Since its announcement, the MercurySteam developed Castlevania Mirror of Fate hasn’t had a whole lot of exposure. Well hopefully this newest trailer, showcasing the story of the game, will mark the opening of the media floodgates so to speak as the Castlevania franchise makes its debut on Nintendo‘s 3D handheld early next year. Again, this is certainly one to keep an eye on if the developer’s home console effort, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, […]

It’s another week in the world of Nintendo and it’s a pretty big release week on the various eShops. A bunch of retail titles gone digital, some Virtual Console titles, and even some demos, but sadly we STILL don’t have our Rayman Legends demo, which is getting annoying for a “launch day” demo. Get the full list of releases after the jump!

Nintendo is doing their Nintendo Direct press event as I’m typing this, so I’ll be posting some info on the fly while the event is going on! Just some quick bullet points as things happen. Get all the fun details after the jump!

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PAC-MAN, BABY! Ok ok ok, I’m messing with you with the header image, you aren’t getting the godawful Atari version, but instead the very good NES release, only on the Nintendo 3DS so you can play Pac-Man anywhere! Because, you know, it’s not like there haven’t been 300 different Pac-Man releases in the past 10 years that aren’t already portable or something… Get the full details after the jump, but […]

The folks over at Joystiq have some info that should make some of you 3DS XL owners in specific European countries a little bit happier tonight. Any 3DS XL owner who registers their handheld with Club Nintendo is eligible for a free download code for one of a number of different titles, and that includes all 3DS XL early adopters! The eligible titles you can snag for free are Super […]

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