Genre: Survival Horror | Developer: Capcom/Tose | Publisher: Capcom Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1 Local/2 Wireless | Rating: M (Mature) Resident Evil: Revelations has been sold as a return to the world of survival horror – something which excites some, usually more vocal fans of the original PlayStation titles, but leaves some others who entered with the more action packed fourth entry a little cold. The truth, though, is […]

Genre: Racing | Developer: Namco Bandai | Publisher: Namco Bandai Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1 (4 Local Wireless) | Rating: E | Release: Out Now I’m a big fan of old-school, arcade-style racing. The doot-da-doot of Daytona USA is still stuck in my head from my childhood arcade visits, and while I never saw a Ridge Racer arcade machine in person the PS1 versions were one of the first […]

Genre: Flying/Simulation| Developer: Nintendo EAD | Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1 | Rating: E (Everyone) | Release: Out Now Pilotwings is one of Nintendo’s overlooked gems – a series that hasn’t received anywhere near the credit it deserves, abandoned since the days of the N64. Reviving it for the 3DS, Nintendo has a chance to make the series leave its mark on the public consciousness – but […]

Genre: Fighter | Developer: Dimps/Capcom Publisher: Capcom (JP, USA), Nintendo (Europe) | Platform: Nintendo 3DS Players: 1-2 | Rating: T (Teen) | Release: Out Now Here in Europe, a key sign that Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was something special came when Nintendo announced that they’d be picking the game up from Capcom and publishing it themselves – a sure-fire sign they saw something special and new. That puts […]

I’ve had my Nintendo 3DS for around about three weeks now, but I’ve waited until now – the last possible moment, really – to write these impressions. I wanted to squeeze every drop of use out of it to give all you guys the best possible lowdown on Nintendo’s latest hardware.