I’ve had my Nintendo 3DS for around about three weeks now, but I’ve waited until now – the last possible moment, really – to write these impressions. I wanted to squeeze every drop of use out of it to give all you guys the best possible lowdown on Nintendo’s latest hardware.

Genre: 3D Beat-Em-Up | Developer: Team Ninja | Publisher: Tecmo Koei Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1-2 | Rating: TBC | Release: TBC March If ever there was a series that would benefit from 3D graphics, this would be it. However, for some reason, Team Ninja have opted to go with the actual fighting part of the series rather than the bouncy volleyball one. See, they missed a trick there. […]

Genre: Sports | Developer: Konami Tokyo | Publisher: Konami Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: TBC | Rating: TBC | Release: TBC Ahh, football. The beautiful game. Is there any simpler sport? All you need is a ball, and jumpers for goalposts. Unless you’re a top European club, in which case it can get very complicated. You could, say, spend a record £50 million on a new player only to watch […]

Genre: Survival Horror/Shooter | Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: TBC | Rating: TBC | Release: TBC Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld certainly isn’t short of big-hitting franchises. Street Fighter. Metal Gear Solid. Dead or Alive. Ridge Racer. And that’s to say nothing of Nintendo’s own legendary series. So, Capcom have decided to go one better and release not one, but two Resident Evil games. Resident Evil: […]

Genre: Action/Adventure | Developer: Nintendo EAD | Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1 | Rating: RP (Rating Pending) | Release: TBA I was going to open this piece with some sort of monologue about how important The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is to gaming and gamers in general, but there’s no point. You all already know. While it had a couple of emulated re-releases on the […]

Genre: Flying/Simulation| Developer: Nintendo EAD | Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1 | Rating: E (Everyone) | Release: TBC March I’m not much a Pilotwings aficionado – I was always more of a Starfox guy in the SNES and N64 eras. Without Starfox 64 3D available for hands-on play and with the flight in Kid Icarus leaving me hungering for some more flying action, I turned to Pilotwings […]

Genre: Third Person Action | Developer: Project Sora | Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1 | Rating: RP (Rating Pending) | Release: TBC 2011 Pit is, in many ways, the undervalued brother of Samus. Created by Gunpei Yokoi alongside Metroid, Kid Icarus on the NES got a Game Boy sequel, just like Metroid, but where Metroid went on to grow as a franchise, taking some time off during […]

Genre: Fighter | Developer: Dimps/Capcom | Publisher: Capcom/Nintendo (Europe) Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Players: 1-2 | Rating: T (Teen) | Release: TBC March When I was out at the Nintendo 3DS European Press Launch over in Amsterdam, the first title I rushed to see was Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. Cordoned off into it’s own large area known as the “Ono Dojo” – named after Series Producer Yoshinori Ono […]

We’ve recently ended a decade in which it’s been absolutely fantastic being a gamer. Not only was video games brought into the mainstream, mostly thanks to the Nintendo Wii and iPhone, and some truly fantastic games have come out during the past 10 years. But the days of looking back are in our Game of the Year article. This particular piece is about looking forward. So far 2011 is looking […]

Well, you couldn’t do it with the DSi to the XL, but Nintendo’s 3DS is promising to allow you to transfer your hard-earned DSiWare games to your new console. Not a whole lot is known about specifics, but there will probably be stipulations to this, like you only get so many transfers total, or specific software items will not be transferable. But aside from that, rejoice! It’s still good news.