It would appear that the recent announcement of EarthBound for the Wii U virtual console has stirred up the imagination of one particularly skilled fan in the community. Clyde Mandelin, who goes by the name ‘Tomato’, in the community, has offered to provide his translation of EarthBound sequel Mother 3 to Nintendo for free so long as it will help secure a Western release for the game.

Long title, right? But I don’t care. EarthBound is FINALLY coming to the Wii U Virtual Console this year! I’ve been waiting years for this news and I will shout it to the heavens because it’s really happening! No rumor, no speculation, it was announced officially during this morning’s Nintendo Direct press event that it is fact and it is happening later this year. Sadly, no confirmed date yet aside […]

Warner Bros.  has today confirmed what many had suspected; Batman Arkham Origins is a real thing and that its destined for release on Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3 and Wii U. No details regarding a next-generation console release were shared.

For those unaware, Club Nintendo offers a varying line-up of downloadable games to those of you who have diligently collected the coins but just aren’t interested in exclusive Wii Remote Wrist Straps or Nintendogs Greeting Cards. The selection changes every month, and there’s almost always something worth grabbing for a meagre 100-200 coins. This month is no different. The available games are solid titles, and it’s tough to pass them up. […]

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According to an interview Siliconera held with Kotaro Uchikoshihas, the director of Zero Escape 3, its been confirmed that the third entry in the Zero Escape series will take place Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and the recently released Virtue’s Last Reward. Before he lent his hand to developing the Zero Escape games, the chap wrote the visual novel Ever17: Out of Inifinity; a work of fiction that has gained […]

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Nintendo have today confirmed that the Monster Games developed 3DS port of Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D), will hit 3DS handhelds everywhere on May 24th. There is a video of the game that you can catch on the Nintendo eShop, but if you don’t have access to that we have you sorted after the cut with the trailer of the game. To me, it looks like a riotous bit of platforming fun. […]

With Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon due to hit retail at the end of the month (March 28th in the UK to be exact; US folks get the game on March 24th), Nintendo have released another trailer; this one showcasing the madness of the four-player mode that the game facilitates. It looks like it could be a pretty great time all things told. Take a peek after the break!

Looks like a pretty packed lineup in this week’s Nintendo eShop update. Some new releases, some demos, and did somebody mention the word Eggztravaganza? Yes. Somebody mentioned that word and I really wish I could punch the “creator” of that word in the face. Anyways, get the full scoop on this week’s new releases for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and even the Wii after the jump! 

At this year’s PAX East event in Boston, which is scheduled to run from March 22nd to March 24th, Capcom has been dropping hints that they will announce two, never-before-seen games at the event. The publisher is set to announce the two new games at their “World of Capcom” panel which will take place on Friday, March 22nd in the Exhibition Center’s Pheonix Room. Rival Schools 3 and Resident Evil […]

It’ll soon be time for the industry vultures to have a second go at stripping the meat off the bones of THQ, as the administrators for the company have confirmed that the former publisher will attempt to sell off all of its remaining IP at a court-supervised auction on April 1st. The IP sale has been sliced up into the six tasty morsels; Red Faction, Homeworld, MX, Darksiders, other owned […]