For those unaware, Club Nintendo offers a varying line-up of downloadable games to those of you who have diligently collected the coins but just aren’t interested in exclusive Wii Remote Wrist Straps or Nintendogs Greeting Cards. The selection changes every month, and there’s almost always something worth grabbing for a meagre 100-200 coins. This month is no different. The available games are solid titles, and it’s tough to pass them up. […]

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Those nice people at Amazon (the website – not the rain forest) have got a few decent gaming sales happening from now until April 14th at 11:59pm PDT. I wouldn’t say the deals are staggering, but there’s still a nice selection of titles to peruse and grab up for anywhere between 10% and 80% off. “But wait!” you might say. “80% off is DEFINITELY what I would call staggering!” Well, you […]

With the start of April comes Microsoft’s next attempt at making the Xbox Live Rewards program worthwhile. I must say, I like the idea of this offering more than some of their past ideas. When you go to the 7/11 on the corner for your morning coffee and scratch-off tickets, odds are you are getting every 6th coffee on the house. People love punchcards because people love free stuff. Well, […]

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The title says is all. Sony’s PlayStation 3 released the Epix movie app to their store today for US users only. According to the official PlayStation Blog press release, EPIX offers a host of streaming entertainment like comedy shows, championship boxing matches, concerts, and movies. It includes recent releases like The Avengers, The Hunger Games, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Captain America: The First Avenger and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. […]

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Now I have no idea what, if anything, from the new Thief trailer is actual gameplay, or if it’s all just cutscenes. Regardless, it’s really showing off what the Playstation 4 is capable of. Words like gorgeous and stunning have been overused, but so far I don’t think they’ve come up with more fitting vocabulary. Check out Garrett, the Master Chi– I mean Master Thief, after the cut as he […]

Suda51 has dropped the second trailer for their next bloodbath extraordinare, Killer is Dead, and it looks bloody fantastic. In keeping to the theme introduced with the first trailer, it plays out like normal; showcasing sexy ladies, Mondo Zappa – our Reservoir Dogs/Tetsuo protagonist, and what looks to be Barrett Wallace after having more replaced than just his hand. After the title shot we are treated to our second character […]

Before the internet we were all happy celebrating April Fools day by covering our roommate’s entire bedroom with post-it notes, gift-wrapping everything – absolutely everything – on our co-workers desks, or jokingly burning down our neighbor’s house, then just as he returns from a hard day at work, jumping out from behind the shrubbery yelling, “OH MAN, I SO GOT YOU. YOU GOT OWNED. FUCKING OWNED.” while he begins sobbing at […]

If you are a part of Square Enix‘s reward scheme, now is the time to act! They announced just Thursday the rewards for 2012 members who have been diligently buying their games and registering codes on the Square Enix Members website. In the past the prizes have been broken down into four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ultimate/Platinum. This year they seem to have left the Bronze members out to […]

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Is your XBox Live Gold membership about to expire? Amazon’s got you covered with a pretty sweet deal! The 12-month subscription is currently $20 off from the standard $59.99, making it just $39.99. Couple that with the incredibly convenient redeem-by-e-mail service they offer, and you can top up your subscription today while you’re at work and have it ready to play when you get home tonight. What are you waiting […]

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Do you like money? Of course not. That’s why you’re going to give it all to Square-Enix this holiday season. For the next couple weeks, until January 2, they are chopping their prices in half for near every game available in their online store. Even the brand new Hitman: Absolution is included in the sale, for $39.99 on all platforms. It’s not quite 50%, but you can’t really complain about […]