Last year I did a roundup of some of my favorite “news” that cropped up on April 1st and I’m here to do it again. I’m doing it despite someone one of our fellow writers beating me to the April Fools punch, but I don’t care! Jokes!

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Now I know what this looks like. We’ve already been burned burn Major Nelson for having this Scott Pilgrim add-on announced and never coming to light, twice. This time it’s different, I swear! Wanna know why? Look after the jump and I will explain. Not enough for you? What if I said there was a trailer now?

Wow, Harmonix just keeps dealing the blows. First Rock Band axes their weekly DLC, something that has been continuous for the past 278 weeks and now they are ending their Dance Central DLC. The reasoning given for the sudden stop of DLC for their games is that “the talented developers who make this content are needed on other projects.” While I don’t doubt that that is one of the reasons […]

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Hey, remember last week? It was a time of joy, a time of things long forgotten finally coming to fruition, a time where I got my hopes up for once since one of my favorite games, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, was going to get more content after all this time. It was fun while it lasted.

Remember a while back when Major Nelson posted on his blog that we were getting a new character and online functionality for the awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game for five dollars? Remember the anguish you felt when the date came and went without a word? Well prepare to relive the excitement as Major Nelson is at it again. The promised pack is said to be coming to XBLA […]

Today, Gearbox announced that you will be able to get some new customizations for your vault hunters of Borderlands 2, for a price. Details and picture after the jump!

IGN reports that Gamestop has begun advertising a Collector’s Edition of The Walking Dead for Xbox 360 and PS3. This edition will be $69.99 and will include the game (of course), a fancy collector’s edition box, as well as a 1,000 page compendium which in itself includes the first 48 issues of The Walking Dead comic. It’s assumed that the Collector’s Edition will be released on December 4th, the same […]

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Another year, another Cabela’s game. While nothing really captures me to really try a hunting game, someone at Activision sure as hell is trying to innovate the franchise. After changing the main prey from cute, harmless deer to dangerous animals that will rip your face off, and last year’s failed attempt (though still an attempt!) at an action game with Cabela’s Survival, what can they do next to try to […]

This week in Rock Band DLC, Harmonix has announced a three pack of tracks from Killswitch Engage. Check it out!

You know how with most preorders, you would get a code to unlock/download some item in the game that you ordered? You know how sometimes that item turns out to be absolutely worthless or it was an item you could unlock easily enough without a code? That’s why I’m always excited to see physical items being given away as a bonus with a game preorder, and that is just what […]

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