Hello! We’re The Gaming Vault. We’re dedicated to providing gamers with all the gaming news, opinion, reviews and other information from all corners of the gaming world. We want to cover anything that interests us and that we feel will interest you, from what makes the industry tick to some awesome tribute video we’ve just spotted on YouTube.

We’re not just focused on the games. Awesome up-to-date gaming news is ten-a-penny online – so we’re being more selective. We’ll give you the news, but only the bits we deem important. We won’t bring you every single new screenshot drop or box artwork release, but what we will bring you is a wide range of news from the quirky to the series, all topped off with a ton of all-original editorial content.

On top of that, we make a point of covering as much gaming culture as we can, highlighting the machinima creators, the musicians, the speed-runners – all areas of the colorful world of video games. There’s a huge vault of gaming history out there and being made every day – and we’re here to chronicle the best of it. To cut a long story short, this is the kind of website we would want to read. We hope you like it.

Review Scores, How do they Work?

The Gaming Vault reviews games with a ten point rating that uses the entire scale. What do we mean by that? Well, we mean that an ‘Average’ or ‘Mediocre’ game will score 5/10, while something that is particularly outstanding will score between 8 and 9. Even a game that is a 4 isn’t a complete write-off – it is just below average.

While we don’t believe any game is perfect, we award 10/10 to games that we believe are the pinaccle of what they can offer. A game that we reward a score of 10/10 to comes with an absolute recommendation from the reviewer and The Gaming Vault. Our review scores are intended to provide those short on time with a basic split-second idea of how good a game is – but we always recommend that readers read the text of the review for in-depth impressions.

We don’t try to think about scores in a quantitative way, but a qualitative way. It’s not about how good the graphics are or how tight the controls feel – in the end it is about how much enjoyment the reviewer got out of the game – and that is all. Here’s a quick summary of what each of our scores stand for:

  • 1 - This game is plain-out bad. We don’t recommend it at all.
  • 2 - A broken, bad game that manages to net itself at least one redeemable quality. Not as bad as 1, but pretty damn close.
  • 3 - A game that has good ideas, but has bugs, gameplay or design flaws that prevent it from being truly enjoyable.
  • 4 - A game that’s just below average. The ideas are usually there, but are prevented from being executed on to their full potential.
  • 5 - This is an “average” game – it’s middle of the road, and worth a play if you have time for flawed titles.
  • 6 - An otherwise decent game that is let down by its flaws. It’ll be an enjoyable experience, but it won’t be winning any awards.
  • 7 - It definitely has its flaws, and it’s certainly not perfect, but it’s still a good title that’s worth getting and fun to play.
  • 8 - An 8 is a high-quality experience that is a great example of what gaming can be, but falls short of its full potential.
  • 9 - A 9 is a potential Game of the Year Contender, a title that fulfils much of its potential but maintains flaws in certain areas.
  • 10 - The cream of the crop. No game is perfect, but a game that scores 10 has achieved everything it has set out to do, and has impressed us at TGV sufficiently to leave us recommending it without any hesitation.

How do you decide what titles to review and what news to post?

We have limited time and resources, so we know we can’t cover everything. Reviewing every title that comes out or covering every piece of news is simply impossible for a site of our size – so we carefully pick and choose our battles based on the titles and areas that interest us most as well as the ones that we feel will interest you, our readers.

As we said earlier, there’s a ton of video game websites out there, and there’s no shortage of options for people wanting catch-all coverage. We’re taking a different approach, hopefully focusing more on quality over quantity.

What’s this ‘UFF Network’ Business?

The Gaming Vault is part of a wider network of websites called the UFF Network. The UFF Network contains a number of sites with similar central interests and driving ideals owned and operated by the same group of people including RPG Site, the RPG Media Vault, the Unofficial Final Fantasy Site and Nova Crystallis. Find out more about the Network Sites and Network Partners here.

How do I get in touch with you guys?

We have a dedicated Contact Page where you can get in touch with individual editors, writers and contributors to the site. Feel free to visit that – if you can’t find the person you want, then get in contact with one of the editors. If all else fails, feel free to hit up the UFF Network Community Forums.