A lot is going on in the world of FEZ this week. The amazing game from Polytron turned a year old on the 13th and you can read Phil and Renaud’s heartfelt thanks over on the Polytron site. To date the game has sold 200,000 copies on XBLA which is pretty impressive for a downloadable only 360 game (for reference Super Meat Boy sold about 220,000 on XBLA).

Additionally the game will be released on Steam on May 1st, preorders open tomorrow with users saving the standard 10% and making the game $9.

As if that weren’t enough, Disasterpeace has released FZ: Side F, a collection of remixes of the original FEZ soundtrack by artists like Jim Guthrie and Datassette. You can snag that up for $5 over on Disasterpeace’s bandcamp site.

Vancouver, British Columbia held it’s 4th annual Canadian Video Game Awards last night, with categories ranging from Best Technology to Best New Character to Best Game Innovation. This also marks the first major award where not only did Journey not win anything, it wasn’t even nominated. Guess our friends to the north aren’t that fond of sand and scarves.

FarCry 3 was the big winner, snagging 6 awards including Game of the Year and Best New Character. (Really though, did James Heller and Wei Shen have a chance here?) Game Informer has the full list of winners or you can hop on over to their official website.

It would appear that the recent announcement of EarthBound for the Wii U virtual console has stirred up the imagination of one particularly skilled fan in the community.

Clyde Mandelin, who goes by the name ‘Tomato’, in the community, has offered to provide his translation of EarthBound sequel Mother 3 to Nintendo for free so long as it will help secure a Western release for the game.

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Doing what they probably should have done a year or so ago, Sony has at last confirmed that it will be porting the Jak & Daxter Trilogy to PS Vita this June.

The Naughty Dog developed collection of PS2 platforming goodness will include all three games that were seen on the recent PS3 re-release, which includes Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Good god I can’t wait for this game to release already…

Far Cry 3 was one of my favorite games of 2012 (just behind Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Borderlands 2) and when I caught wind of a downloadable offshoot I was excited for some more Far Cry goodness. Then I started seeing that it was being modeled after something shit directly out of the 80′s and I was beyond psyched for this game. The trailer is no different.

Shot with a godawful, blurry, ugly, worn VHS visual style, it features Creative Director Dean Evans talking with quintessential 80′s action star Michael Biehn about the game and all of it’s incredibleness. And cursing. A lot.

I’ve had some very limited time with the game and so far it’s everything I could’ve ever dreamed for. I’ll find out for sure how the whole game holds up when Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon releases for XBLA, PSN, and PC on May 1st! Now, hit the jump and watch the [bleep]ing trailer and then please, for the love of all that is holy, go check out the game’s official website. Geocities would be proud… Read More »

EDGE, the critically acclaimed game from Mobigame has been in a 4 year long legal battle with a guy named Tim Langdell who claimed that the title of the game infringed on a copyright of his game company called The Edge. Just a few days ago the courts ruled in Mobigame’s favor, and Two Tribes, the publisher who released the game onto Steam and various other platforms, is celebrating by offering the game at 50% off.

If you want to know more about the lawsuit check out Eurogamer’s article The Edge of Reason.

And be sure to pick up the game on Steam, Appstore, iTunes, and Android.



I was a huge fan of Sacred 2 when it launched on the Xbox 360 and I wasted many hours of my life on that game. News of a Sacred 3 had me excited for some more top down action/RPG goodness. When I heard that there would be a side scrolling hack-and-slash/beat-em-up game in the meantime by the name of Sacred Citadel, I was both quite confused as well as incredibly intrigued.

Well, time for my intriguedityness to get my hands on this game and give Sacred Citadel a go. The previews I’ve seen have looked great and the launch trailer, obligatory wubwubs aside, has me psyched to finally play this game. You can expect a review in a few days, but while you wait, get a look at the trailer after the jump and get more information on the game over at the Sacred World website!

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Long title, right? But I don’t care. EarthBound is FINALLY coming to the Wii U Virtual Console this year! I’ve been waiting years for this news and I will shout it to the heavens because it’s really happening!

No rumor, no speculation, it was announced officially during this morning’s Nintendo Direct press event that it is fact and it is happening later this year. Sadly, no confirmed date yet aside from this year, but it’s finally happening!

Oh yeah, there was a whole ton of other Nintendo news today too including info on Bravely Default, Pikmin 3, Prefessor Layton, and a new Link to the Past game?? Grab a snack and hit the jump for ALL the details.  Read More »

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has dropped a brand new trailer for their upcoming action RPG Mars: War Logs.

Narrated by Jehanne Rousseau, the CEO of developer Spiders Studios, the overview trailer gives us a fairly decent glimpse at the action, story, conversation, customisation and adventure elements of the game and for a strictly downloadable effort, I think its shaping up pretty nicely.

Mars: War Logs is set to release next month for PC, Xbox Live Arcade and on the Playstation Network.

Catch the trailer after the cut.

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Its that time of the month again folks, as Sony has revealed the extent of the Instant Game Collection goodness that the Playstation Plus service will be bringing to European subscribers next month.

Its perhaps not quite as face-shatteringly awesome as previous months, but its pretty good nonetheless with Hitman Absolution kicking everything off on May 1st alongside Deep Silver‘s dark puzzle adventure Catherine.

On that same day, PS3 owners will also find the action adventure Malicious available for download too.  PS Vita owners on the other hand, have hyper-intense shooter Sine Mora to look forward to on May 8th, with Velocity: Ultra following a week later on May 15th.

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