Much to the delight of assassins and wannabe privateers everywhere, Ubisoft have just released the first gameplay footage of their next ‘Creed title, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.

In the video we get to see all sorts of swashbuckling adventure ranging from close-combat with sailors, to ship-to-ship combat, underwater shark fighting (what is it Ubisoft have against those poor beasts?), looting of treasure in addition to the usual Assassins Creed style gameplay including the obligatory roof-jumps and hay-dives.

Look, I just really want a decent open-world game from Ubisoft at this stage.  One that has copious amounts of pirates in it, all doing piratey things.  Assuming Ubi live up to the ambitious looking trailer that they’ve thrown out after the break, hopefully I’ll finally get my wish.

Are we pumped for this yet?

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