When Rebellion was shown to be one of the lucky developers working on games for the shiny new Playstation 4, it should come as a surprise to few that their first next-gen offering was going to be another scope-shooty game; specifically Sniper Elite 3; the sequel to the million-selling Sniper Elite V2.

Indeed, publisher 505 Games has confirmed that not only will the game land on the PS4 and next Xbox (the game is due for “next-gen” platforms you see), but that the game will also find a home on existing consoles and the PC as well.  Wii U, now being used to being left out in the cold as far as multiplatform considerations go, was not mentioned at all.

The game, once more set in World War 2 but this time focused on the dusty North African theatre of conflict, apparently has a new story with a much more open sandbox setting and also marks the return of the bone-shatteringly cool X-Ray sniper cam seen in Sniper Elite V2.

The third entry in the sharpshooting franchise is currently pegged to arrive sometime in 2014.

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