According to a statement received by Eurogamer just moments ago, the UI Lead developer at Dead Space codeshop Visceral Games, Dino Ignacio, has said that the  ”The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated,” and encouraged folks to “Please stand by.”

Meanwhile, the US PR team for EA has stated that the Videogamer.com report was  ”patently false”.

More as we hear it.


According to a report published by Videogamer.com, EA has put its Dead Space series to the sword following crappy sales of Dead Space 3.

Apparently, Dead Space 4 was in pre-production when the series was put to rest, causing in the process, developer Visceral Montreal to close their doors after a bout of corporate restructuring.

The apparent elimination of the Dead Space IP comes just one day after EA put the shutters to Facebook and browser games specialist Bioware San Francisco (formerly EA2D), and just over a month since EA put their Medal of Honor series in the ground; again citing a less than pleasing performance at retail.

For the record, EA considers any entry in its “core game franchises” that fails to sell five million copies as non-viable and a prime candidate for the chopping block.

All signs seem to be pointing that the company is shoring up its resources, as a company-wide restructuring takes place ahead of the next console cycle.

In the case of Dead Space 3 however, a lot of the blame falls on the dunderheaded design decisions that EA imposed on the title; favouring a more action-orientated approach and being stuffed with micro-transactions at the eleventh hour; EA really shouldn’t be too surprised that the game failed to outperform even its lukewarm received predecessor.

And likewise, we shouldn’t be too surprised that as usual, its the developers who suffer and whose livelihoods are flushed down the shitter as a result.

EA have so far declined to comment.

Source: Videogamer.com

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