BandFuse seems to be taking quite a long time with very little information trickling out on an inconsistent basis, but I’m assured that once it’s on shelves, it will be awesome. Click here to check out the latest tidbit from the game, a demo of the game’s scale mode.

Hey guys, here’s a brief overview of our scale mode from our Lead Notetracker Seth Chapla. It includes a walk through of the F Lydian scale, which is the 4th mode of the C Major scale. Most of our scale jam tracks are set up relative to each other, so that when you learn a C Major scale, you can use the shape over the F Lydian scale jam track, or the D Dorian Jam track, and that shape/position will have the correct notes for the Jam mode you’re playing in. Understanding the inter-relation of scale modes is a great way to learn how to improvise across the entire fretboard. Enjoy!

Unlike Rocksmith‘s Scale Runner, this setup hearkens more towards a tutorial, offering scales to be ingrained in the memory and drawn upon in that sense to see overlap as one learns. Less “gameificiation” and more actual tutorial.

BandFuse is due out sometime this year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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