With a brand new entry in the underwater franchise not seen since 2000′s Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, the designer of the original 16-bit Ecco the Dolphin games, one Mr. Ed Annunziata, has stepped up to Kickstart a spiritual successor to the aquatic series.

Dealing with such lofty issues as the prospect of mass extinction, evolution, the Gaia theory and artifical life, the game once more casts you as a tuneful dolphin whose serenades contain the power to form and create life.

Titled, ‘The Big Blue‘, the Kickstarter funded effort has 34 days to raise $665,000 in order to become a thing and you can throw your money in its direction here.

The game is being coded on the tremendously versatile Unity3D engine, meaning that as well as seeking a debut on PC, iOS and Android formats (that also includes Ouya), they can get a prototype of the game up and running in quick fashion.  Which is exactly what they have done.

Future ports to XBLA & PSN haven’t been ruled out either should the funding attempt prove successful, with the game pencilled in to arrive on Earth Day 2014 which takes place on April 22nd, 2014.

What do you folks think – are you up for some more transcendental, dolphin-saving-the-world type action?

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