Sony and developer Quantic Dream have confirmed that David Cage‘s third ‘interactive cinematic adventure’, Beyond: Two Souls, will make its bow on the PS3 later this year on October 8th.

The other big news is that Hollywood actor Willem Dafoe has been cast in the role of sympathetic character Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who forms a close bond with Ellen Page‘s character Jodie, to better understand her powers and potential.

Two new videos have also been released for the game with one showing the new character Nathan Dawkins, chatting to a younger version of Jodie and a second video which showcases the motion capture process and the thoughts of Mr. Dafoe on his character and the game.

And while there still hasn’t been any actual gameplay footage, there is certainly no denying that the game is quite the looker.

You can catch both trailers over that bottomless, Stygian Abyss that we call ‘The Break’.


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