Wrapping up a February tour promoting the title, Realta Entertainment recently revealed the scale mode for BandFuse: Rock Legends and are currently showing off just a bit more with some screenshots. Details and such behind the cut.

Quick Play is the place to easily play your favorite songs in BandFuse. It enables players to play all 55 on-disc songs when they buy the game (as all games are playable right from the start in BandFuse). Players can play a guitar or bass, and can sing with scored vocals or karaoke. In multiplayer, players can play with up to two guitarists, a bassist, and a vocalist (scored or karaoke). When playing songs in Quick Play, players can save their scores to leaderboards in order to compete against their friends and players around the world. Players can play on six different difficulty levels, and even a Pro Mode that enables players to earn 2X score for playing with no visible notes on the Note Highway.

In Tour Mode players can play through 10 different tours, progressing from a new player to a seasoned rockstar who travels the world. Players can earn fans and cash as they play each concert based on how well they do, and can optionally compete in a series of challenges in each tour to earn more cash to help them unlock better tours. Each tour gets progressively more difficult and has a themed style to it.

In Shred U, players can learn to play their favorite songs, or learn more about playing guitar, the music industry, and other interesting things about being a musician in five different in-depth and intelligently designed Shred U learning modes: Skills Lab, Lick Lab, Backing Tracks, Legends, and Practice.

Want to tune your guitar? Fiddle with settings? Tune your guitar like Slash? Backstage is your pass to the deep BandFuse options settings, filled with useful and cool ways to tweak and improve your guitar gaming experience.

Once you’ve finished and mastered all 55 songs, download hundreds of new songs to be released at a regular cadence via the BandFuse Shop, including the selected song, video, and tune settings specific to that song.

Well, despite early reservations, BandFuse is certainly shaping up to be a treat. Screenshots below for your eyes.

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