Nintendo wants you to get ready to smash some zombies in the face, especially if you don’t already own a Wii U.

The ZombiU Wii U Deluxe Set is officially coming to North America on February 17th for the asking price of $389.99, which is a crazy good deal saving you $70 compared to buying everything separately.

The ZombiU Wii U Deluxe Set includes a copy of ZombiU, a black Wii U Pro Controller, a collectible art book, and the Wii U Deluxe Set, which itself includes the black system with 32GB storage, Nintendo Land, and the Digital Deluxe Program giving you 10% back on all digital purchases through 2014.

Awesome deal, especially for those who have been on the fence regarding the Wii U. Connor gave ZombiU a great review worth checking out if you’re unsure about the game itself. Oh, and if anybody gets this bundle and doesn’t want the art book, hit me up. <3

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