VaultCast? What the hell is that??

Let me share the knowledge. The SML VaultCast is a podcast that I have started up with my friends Tim Robinson and Jason “Boge” Bogert. It will be a weekly release with unique themes and general fun times for all. The SML stands for Small, Medium, and Large, because when you place Tim, Boge, and myself next to each other, those are our sizes. HAHA I’M FAT.

Anyways, this first episode involves discussion on Dead Space 3 and what Tim wishes they did with it as well as talk about the next Xbox console that ended up going way longer than necessary so a lot was chopped. Many other things are discussed as well, so it’s an enjoyable 50 minute experience and I hope you dig it!

Get the episode via YouTube after the jump, and if you prefer an mp3, you can grab that HERE! Oh yeah, and it contains language that is NOT safe for work, unless you work somewhere that is cool with cursing.

Episode 1: Dead Spaces & Console Races features discussion about Tim’s thoughts on Dead Space 3 and his ideas on what he would’ve done with the third game. After that we get into a discussion on Tim’s idea for the next Xbox console. Things got fairly intense and incredibly unfunny, so a big chunk of humorless bickering hit the chopping block. We also update people on our February Four games, talk about Randy Savage in Skyrim, and we have a freakin theme song now thanks to Kunal Majmudar & Sean Stone!

This week’s featured song is by Kunal Majmudar from the Metroid 25th Anniversary Arrange Album from the Bad Dudes.

The SML VaultCast is hosted by Tim, Boge, and Joe Cam, known as Small, Medium, and Large respectively. The SML Vaultcast is a gaming related podcast talking about what’s going on in the industry and general video game related discussion. The podcast is scheduled to update weekly on Friday evenings and we hope to eventually expand to include various guests and video podcasts.

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    Woo awesome podcast guys :)

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