You guys remember Superfrog don’t you?  Sure you do!

Superfrog was a plucky little platformer released in the bright and wonderous days of the Amiga 500 which cast you as the titular amphibian and had you bounding through a variety of brightly coloured worlds (well, as brightly coloured as 32 colours could allow) collecting fruit and boshing bugs on the noggin en route to the exit.

It was top-notch stuff back in 1993 and according to developer Team 17, the game is apparently the most requested out of all of their IP for an HD lick of paint.

And so here we are.

Hot off the heels of their Alien Breed HD revamp, the Brit codeshop has announced on the EU Playstation Blog that Superfrog HD will be making its way to PS3 and PS Vita platforms sometime later this year.

Top news!  With any luck we’ll get HD versions of some of their other classic output as well such as Project X and Arcade Pool.


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