Oh hey, that rhymes!  A bit.

Anyhow ignore my idle prattle; the real news here is that Square-Enix created a web domain registration on the 7th of Febraury for a game/thing called “War of Nosgoth“.

Nosgoth, as those of you who have been keeping up with the franchise will know, is in fact the world in which the Legacy of Kain franchise is set.  You can see the domain listing here; oh and for the record, Corporate Domains Inc, have been used by Square-Enix before in a myriad of previous domain registrations.

A new Kain title was discussed over a year ago, but things went pretty darn quiet.  Hopefully, we’ll see something sooner rather than later on this and with any luck we’ll get an actual game and not a Facebook/social/freemium hunk of crap.

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  1. Sydney Swartz says:

    I’d like to pre-order this right now please.

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