Some of us are still reeling over the news this week that Rock Band is ending it’s weekly DLC releases. Part of me still wishes it were some horrible joke, but I know that’s not the cast. Hopefully the game at least goes out in style, right? You know, the weeks that we aren’t stuck with Rock Band Blitz re-hashes…

Get all the info on this week’s releases, including a much anticipated ballad, and all the Rock Band Network news after the jump! 

Rock Band DLC for 2/26

  • The Flys – Got You (Where I Want You)
  • Queensrÿche – Silent Lucidity
  • Staind – It’s Been a While
  • Staind – So Far Away

Each track runs the usual $1.99 on PS3, 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360, and 200 Wii Points on the Wii. The song from The Flys gets the pro guitar upgrade for $.99/80 MSP/100 Wii Points.

I’ll say right now that it’s a damn shame that we’re getting more Staind before the end and it’s NOT from the new album. The new album is fantastic and now we’ll never get to play any of it in Rock Band. It IS great to finally see Silent Lucidity in the game though. This is the point where I’d wish we saw a full pack of Queensrÿche, but with only 3 more weeks after this, I’ll take as many huge songs as I can. Fingers crossed for some Chevelle before it’s all over. :(

Anyways, on top of that, PS3 users are getting the following Rock Band Network songs. Each song runs $1.99 unless otherwise noted.

  • CyLeW – Familiar
  • Emmure – Cross Over Attack
  • His Statue Falls – Jasmin W Knows How to Mosh
  • A Plea for Purging – Heart of a Child ($.99)
  • Richard Campbell – Rock the Halls ($.99)

Lastly, Xbox 360 owners saw a handful of RBN releases this past week as well. Nothing really stuck out for me this week so I can’t make any of my usual recommendations. It’s been a bit hard for me to think about RBN this week, so they’re all new for me as well. All songs are 160 MSP unless otherwise noted.

  • Dampfmaschine – Haben Haben Haben
  • Deception of a Ghost – American Terrorist
  • Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey – Discord (EuroChaos Mix) (80 MSP)
  • Our Last Enemy – 10,000 Headless Horses
  • Terrorizer – Hordes of Zombies
  • Van Frisca – Rise Above (80 MSP)

All around decent week. The addition of

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  1. Kyle Gaddo says:

    Aw, man, we finally get Queensryche and it’s nothing from Mindcrime. What a bummer.

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