Naughty Dog, the talented group of folks behind the Uncharted series of games has today released a brand new video for their forthcoming eerie, post-apocalyptic romp, The Last of Us.

More of a video documentary that contains lashings of gameplay as opposed to a cinematically shot trailer, the focus in this latest set of moving pictures are the Infected enemies that the player will come across throughout the game.

Eager to erase the lazy comparison between their monsters and the typical zombie, Naughty Dog contend that the Infected in The Last of Us are in fact living humans that are being assimilated by a nasty fungus which causes them to look bastard terrifying and ugly in equal measure.

The transformation into one of these things is slow and painful; something the developer will no doubt seek to leverage for dramatic and horrifying effect.

Take a look at the Infected in the video after the break and see what you think.

The Last of Us is due to release worldwide on June 14th, exclusively for the Playstation 3.

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