After Sony fired off the first salvo in the next-generation console scrap with the announcement of the Playstation 4 earlier this week, word has reached our ears that Microsoft is intending to lift the curtain on their own next-generation console offering in an event to be held sometime in April.

Lending further credence to the event going down is the fact that Microsoft partner Ustechs, whom has collaborated with the platform holder on previous media briefings such as their E3 press conferences, has registered the domain

No other details were provided, but rumour suggests that the next Xbox is expected to feature similar architecture to Sony’s machine with a focus on x86 architecture which includes an eight-core AMD 1.6GHz CPU, a high-end AMD Radeon based GPU, 8GB of RAM, a 50GB 6x Blu-ray Disc drive and a much more advanced Kinect sensor.

The shit, as they say, just got real.

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  1. Joe Cammisa says:

    Now as long as they do this event and showcase a nice lineup of exclusive titles and not just a bunch of move and sports apps, I’m firmly on board.

  2. Me too. I’m VERY interested in what they come up with.

  3. Kyle Gaddo says:

    my favorite part is when they one-up sony by showing the console

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