This is absolutely mental.  I’m actually reeling from what might be the best PS Plus update for Europe that Sony have ever done.

In the Instant Game Collection update for March, Sony will be introducing Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5 and Joe Danger 2 for PS3 gamers.

Meanwhile, PS Vita owners get the hugely underrated physics puzzler Puddle for free and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for free also.

That’s just a totally crazy haul of free gaming goodness if you ask me.

Catch the rest of the details, including which games will be leaving the service, after the cut.

Specific details on DLC discounts are coming in the near-future and as always, as games appear on the service other games will leave.

The summary of comings and goings on the Instant Game Collection, looks like this:

Leaving PS Plus in March:

Entering PS Plus in March:

Source: EU Playstation Blog

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  1. Joe Cammisa says:

    Wow. As always, Europe is kicking some ass with PS Plus.
    I can’t wait for my weekly announcements touting the US releases of Madden 08, Haze, Call of Duty 3, and a block of wood.

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