In an unexpected fit of generosity, media website IGN has decided to start giving away redeemable codes for iOS games on a rotational basis.

The inaugural offering for the promotion is EA Mobile‘s pretty excellent Need for Speed: Most Wanted for iOS. Now, before you yawn yourselves inside out you should probably take note of the fact that this particular mobile entry was developed by the hugely talented Firemonkeys studio; the coding geniuses behind the sublime Real Racing series.

This is not just another a crappy mobile Need for Speed title.

Trust me.

Be quick though; the redeemable codes are on a first come, first served basis and will last for this month only.  Grab your freebie here!

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  1. Kelvin Dezzutti says:

    The series released its first title, The Need for Speed in 1994. Initially, Need for Speed was exclusive to the fifth generation video game consoles, eventually featuring in all seventh generation consoles by 2008.^””

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