Sucker Punch are back doing their InFAMOUS thing it seems, but this time they’ve brought the IP to the newly announced Playstation 4.

Titled InFAMOUS: Second Son, the trailer for this newest entry in the franchise gives little away of its gameplay (controlling a whirling blood hurricane of death seems like a fair bet though), but nevertheless tries to makes up for it with notable bombast; showing off the new, somewhat cringeworthy ‘rebellious’ protagonist as he blasts soliders about the place and turns over their trucks in highly pretty and stylishly visceral fashion.

As with the rest of the trailers posted today, we’ve got the whole thing in retina-stroking 1080p resolution.

Catch it after the jump and feel free to comment below!

InFAMOUS: Second Son is in production for the Playstation 4 with a date TBD.

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