At long last the house that Halo built and former Microsoft first-party developer Bungie, have just now officially revealed their first post-Halo IP – the massively sprawling, cross-generational, social media focused epic shooter that is Destiny.

Better yet, they’ve officially unveiled it with a bunch of moving pictures (in the form a snazzy Vidoc) that we have for you after the break.  Take a look!

No solid details such as destination formats were announced (let alone a release window), but we do get a brief look at the gameplay which mostly shows a lot of wandering around, some vague social/mobile connectivity and not a whole lot else.

Really, the whole video is more of a reveal, an overview if you like of the general themes and philosophies behind the game but hopefully, we’ll get something a little more substantial soon.

Very soon too, as we’ve got questions that need answering for sure, and really, when the Bungie chap says “we’re doing something completely new here”, but shows an indenti-kit future soldier stomping about with laser guns, we are going to need a little bit more convincing that Destiny will be any different from the shooters that it believes it is so different from.

The real kicker however, is that this whole ‘connected world’ shtick isn’t just for shits and giggles as you will need an online connection to play the game and keep playing the game as it has no offline mode.

Anyway, catch the ‘Destiny – Pathways out of Darkness’ video documentary below.


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