WHOA YEAH! Double Fine’s 2012 Amnesia Fortnight is back! Special Edition hard copy prototypes are now available for pre-order from Double Fine’s Action Shop!

In November 2012, Double Fine started a “Jam Session”, wherein they offered several prototypes as a digital download for donating to the projects. These downloads were available exclusively during the two week period, and were thought to never be seen again!

These sweet offers will soon be available to the masses! You should really check them out. They can be bought here. This time, they have some pretty awesome additions for a nice price!

Humble Bundle download codes come with each purchase of the Special Edition Box Set. Got to love the instant gratification of downloadable games! Prices range from $30-$70, depending on which version you choose! All of them, come with the below items.

The Special Edition box includes:

- Autonomous prototype
- Black Lake prototype
- Hack ‘n’ Slash prototype
- Spacebase DF-9 prototype
- The White Birch prototype
- 2 Player Productions daily HD documentary episodes on Blu-Ray
- Soundtrack from all five Amnesia Fortnight 2012 games
- Bonus prototypes: Brazen, Costume Quest, and Happy Song
- Download code for the Games, Documentary and Music

Due to the short time period in which the games were made, they are only available for Windows… I know, sad day right?

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