Yay another game comes to the Wii U eShop! Two weeks in a row, let’s hope for three next week!

In addition to Puddle hitting the Wii U this week, it also gets a demo and the Nintendo 3DS gets five releases today with another early next week. Even the original Wii gets a new Virtual Console title!

Get all the details after the jump! 

Wii U eShop update for 1/31

  • Puddle – $7.99 – Use the Wii U GamePad’s accelerometer to guide various types of liquids (water, oil, lava, pee) through different courses to reach the end.
  • The Cave (DEMO) – Give the new DoubleFine title from last week a test run before deciding if you want to drop your $15 on it.

3DS eShop update for 1/31

  • Ice Climber (NES Virtual Console) – $4.99 – Explore the humble NES roots of Popo and Nana, the two characters that can turn the entire goddamned stage into an icy glacier of death, hatred, and fury in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Ikachan – $4.99 – You’re at the bottom of a watery abyss and you must lead the innocent inhabitants out and to safety before it’s too late. Also, I think you’re a catsquid or something. It looks f—ed up, in an awesome way.
  • Witch’s Cat – $4.99 – A puzzler/platformer set in Wonderland where you can change between a human and a cat at will. Mind? Blown.
  • Bloody Vampire – $4.99 – Please don’t be about periods, please don’t be about periods, please don’t be about periods…
  • 99Moves – $1.99 – Retro style action puzzler where you must move through an area to safety, but surprise! You only have 99 moves to do it! (Also available in the Nintendo DSi Shop for 200 Nintendo Points.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening – $39.99 – The newest, and reportedly best, Fire Emblem game hits the US! (AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 4TH)

Wii Virtual Console update for 1/31

  • Metal Slug 4 (Neo Geo Virtual Console) - 900 Wii Points – And the Neo Geo games keep rolling on out! It’s classic Metal Slug action and that’s pretty much all you need to know. And if you like Metal Slug, you SHOULD already own the Metal Slug Anthology that’s been out on the Wii for years.

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  1. Zachary Lyons says:

    Weren’t good enough for Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Dude, they were very present in Brawl. They turn the entire playing field into a glacier with their final smash.

  2. Joe Cammisa says:

    What is it with me and my gaming errors lately? I’m better than this. I really am.

    Updated to attempt to completely hide the fact that I made a mistake. These comments are the only proof and if I weren’t so lazy, I’d probably delete them to make myself look perfect. But I’m lazy. And stupid.

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