Sony have just released a freshly minted trailer for European gamers of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

In the trailer the titular raccoon and his friends are shown attempting to carry out a heist on Tiger boss ‘El Jefe’ and in doing so, showcases the trademark platforming gameplay that has typified the series thus far as well as a couple of new wrinkles to the successful formula.

Find the trailer after the jump!

Sly Raccoon: Thieves in Time is due to be released in March for PS3 & PS Vita platforms, with an North American release due on February 5th.  (Thanks teenbat for the highlighting the error!)

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  1. teenbat says:

    Unless this is in Europe, this isn’t new.

    And if it is Europe, then yes, it comes out in March (27th), but it comes out February 5th for the US.

  2. You are totally right.

    The report should have made the distinction between the various territorial releases and dates.

    All fixed and thanks!

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