That’s right, folks. The Last of Us for PS3 is getting TWO different editions and to make things more confusing, they both have a different highlight item that makes its asking price so high.

The Last of Us: Survival Edition runs $79.99 and comes with the Steelbook Edition of the game, a sticker sheet, The Last of Us – American Dreams #1 Comic with a variant cover, and the Sights & Sounds DLC pack which includes the game soundtrack as well as a dynamic theme and some avatars. The featured item for this pack is a full sized Dark Horse Hardcover Art Book with over 170 pages of artwork and designs.

The Last of Us: Post-Pandemic Edition retails for $159.99 and is ONLY available through GameStop in “extremely limited quantities”. It includes the same standard items as above but adds in the Survival DLC Pack with some skins and multiplayer bonuses as well as a premium 12 inch Joel and Ellie Statue by Project Triforce that would normally retail for $199.99. Oh. And that art book? NOT INCLUDED.

That’s right you can pick either the version with the art book or the version with the statue. Luckily, the Art of the Last of Us (978-1-61655-164-3) will be available separately for $39.99, but if you check Amazon, it’s guaranteed to be much cheaper…

Get a full look at the two editions after the jump and feel free to curse Sony in your sleep tonight at their decision to split things up like that. Dicks. 


The Survival Edition retails at $79.99.
Get a bitchin’ art book, but no statue for you!


The Post-Pandemic Edition retails at $159.99 and ONLY at GameStop
Get a statue to put next to your Harvest Moon cow, but no art book!


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