The Free Bundle is a gloriously pleasant new site that bundles up five random indie games for absolutely free.  Great stuff.

Its all PC titles predominantly but there are a couple of Mac games in there too.  The games themselves are free and are given away as such on the developers websites with no donation required.  Although that said, they certainly won’t turn any charitable monies away, so if you’re interested in seeing them develop further, feel free to dip your hands in your pockets.

After the break we’ve got the five games, descriptions from the website to go with them and trailers to go with each.


Nitronic Rush – Team Nitronic

“Nitronic Rush is an experimental survival driving game. Using the car’s many abilities (including boost, wings, and jump), avoid obstacles that the city throws at you. In many ways the game is a tribute to racing games of the 1990s but with fresh graphics, audio, and gameplay.

One of the most thrilling experiences in VideoGames can be found in Nitronic Rush: the Battletoads Turbo Tunnel stage! The Nitronic Rush team wants to publish a sequel on steam Greenlight, be sure to cast a vote for them!

Ascension – Magnesium Ninja Studios

“Ascension is a psychological horror game where you play as Atticus, a grounds keeper who has brought his sick daughter to work on the day of a horrible accident. Separated from her, you must find your way back before something else reaches her first.

This game is simply amazing and it flew right under most people’s radar. If you like the Resident Evil franchise by capcom, and you like psychological horror games, then this little indie title right here is for you. Give it a try and then visit the team Magnesium website to say thanks, these guys did an incredible job for you!”

Celestial Mechanica – Roger Hicks & Paul Veer

“Laura Shigihara did the vocals for this trailer, and the amazing and only Roger Hicks composed the beautiful soundtrack. Do I need to say more? Action, puzzle, platforms and a touch of soul makes this one of the favorite choices of TheFreeBundle. If you haven’t played Celestial Mechanica yet, then you owe it to yourself.

Be sure to check SuperCrateBox too, a title from Paul Veer, the Celestial Mechanica animator and while you are at it, drop by rekcahdam, Roger’s website to say thanks for such beautiful game.”

Iamscared - Ivan Zanotti

“Have you seen all those Slender games? This is Minecraft meets Slender, and in a good way. The game is fantastic, Ivan Zanotti made a hell of a job getting us scared and trust me, you WILL get scared while walking through the pixelated halls of IamScared.

First thing you will notice are the graphics: they look a lot to Wolfenstein 3D but they are more creepy and immersive and then, you will notice something else… watching you… following you every move… careful.”

Abobo Big’s Adventure – Team Bobo

“Abobo’s son has been kidnapped and now it’s up to you to help Abobo fight his way through some of the greatest NES games of all time in order to rescue him. Not only does Abobo have to fight through these classic games, but he has to adapt to their varying gameplay styles. Gameplay ranges from beatemup, to underwater platformer, to side-scroller, to top-down dungeon crawler, wrestling, run-and-gun, boxing, and MOAR!

After playing be sure to donate to Team Bobo for their fantastic game.”

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