In case you didn’t already know, State of Decay developed by the appropriately named Undead Labs, is an open-world zombie survival simulation which is due to hit Xbox Live Arcade at some point early this year.

Its quite a different beast from existing console zombie offerings as rather than being a straight-laced shooter or a character study style adventure along the lines of Telltale Games The Walking Dead, State of Decay actually has a lot more in common with Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall‘s wildly popular Arma 2 mod Day Z for PC.

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State of Decay a sprawling open-world epic in which the player is thrust into a living (well, sort of) and fetid breathing world in which survival is of the utmost concern.  Unlike Day Z however, State of Decay is a single-player affair which focuses more on survival as a group and as a community, finding your place in the world, building it with the finite materials you can scavenge and keeping everybody in the group ticking over – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Indeed, as well as having to find new and funky ways to put the undead throng back in the ground, Undead Labs are going several steps further by delving into the fine detail of survival by drawing attention to the sorts of things that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a game about the shambling flesh-eaters.

The sorts of things that you will need to stay mindful of include finding a suitable home, gathering materials to fortify that home, establishing radio communication to stay in touch with other members of the group, community management, supply and material gathering, dealing with mood changes in your group, having enough fuel to power your vehicles, storing enough food and drink to stave off starvation and thirst and much, much more.

To give some idea of just how far this game is taking the survival concept, the developer has crafted an online survival handbook, which as well as being a handy primer for the lore of the game, shows you the veritable myriad of stuff that you’ll have to deal with.

If you haven’t realised yet; this isn’t your average zombie shooter.  Not at all.  Hopefully, more developers take Undead Labs cue and decide to put the brains back in to the zombie genre instead of leaving them slopping about the floor.

The amount of ambition on display here is simply breathtaking and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

State of Decay is due exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade sometime early this year.

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