I haven’t done the Rock Band DLC updates for a few weeks due to various reasons, but don’t worry my babies, I’m back in the saddle again bringing you the news and yes, I missed you too, thank you so much!

Anyways, after another week of nothing but some more Rock Band Blitz singles, we get ourselves a week of new content for Rock Band in the way of freakin AEROSMITH! Who’d have thought we’d see them after the whole Guitar Hero: Aerosmith game locked them up with Activision?

Get all the details on a massive SIX pack plus the usual Rock Band Network information after the jump! 

Rock Band DLC for 1/29

  • Aerosmith – Back in the Saddle
  • Aerosmith – Dream On (Live)
  • Aerosmith – Legendary Child
  • Aerosmith – Lover Alot
  • Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
  • Aerosmith – Walk This Way

All songs run the usual $1.99 on PS3, 160 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, and 200 Wii Points on the Wii. You can also get the full “Aerosmith’s Greatest Dimension” 6 pack for the standard $9.99/800 MSP/1000 Wii Points. The live version of Dream On also has a pro guitar upgrade for $.99/80 MSP/100 Wii Points.

In addition to that, PS3 users get the following Rock Band Network tracks this week. All songs are $1.99 unless otherwise noted and I highly recommend you spending two bucks on that Taproot song.

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan – Gold Teeth on a Bum
  • Giraffes? Giraffes! – Werewolf Grandma With Knives (Part Two: Don’t Die)
  • God Forbid – Don’t Tell Me What to Dream
  • Taproot – No Surrender
  • The Trews – People of the Deer ($.99)

Finally, Xbox 360 saw only a small handful of RBN tracks hit this past week. Luckily they were all only 80 MSP, so hooray for cheap songs!

  • BabelFish – Guys, You’re Not Dead Yet
  • The Break Down – Standing Still
  • Freen in Green – Level 1 – Winter City
  • War of Ages – Silent Night

What a week! Sure they aren’t all the biggest hits by Aerosmith, but the band has finally made it’s way to Rock Band and that only opens the door for even more packs! On top of that, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a nice six pack of songs, so that’s even more welcome news!

Also, next week is shaping up to be a good Rock Band Network release week for the Xbox 360 already. New tracks by RIBS and Psychostick are available now on the Xbox Marketplace, but as always, buy them at your own risk until they are officially announced in next week’s update as there is always a risk of a song getting pulled!

I bought them anyways.

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