By now, we’ve all heard about the Famicom 30th Anniversary event going on with the Wii U Virtual Console. Each month, a select Virtual Console game will be getting a 30 day sale price of only 30 cents. As noted last week, Balloon Fight is available right now on the Wii U for only 30 cents and we will see more games for the next few months.

Here’s the official dates for the games and when they will be on sale:

  • Balloon Fight – NES – 1/23 through 2/21
  • F-Zero – SNES – 2/20 through 3/21
  • Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream – NES – 3/20 through 4/18
  • Kirby’s Adventure – NES – 4/17 through 5/16
  • Super Metroid – SNES – 5/15 through 6/13
  • Yoshi – NES – 6/12 through 7/11
  • Donkey Kong – NES – 7/15 through 8/13

Reminder that during those dates, that title will be on sale for only $0.30! Buy em up, son! A little over $2 for 7 great classics? Hell yeah! I can’t wait until May for Super Metroid. I’ll gladly buy that over and over again like the brainwashed sheep I am. Such an amazing game…

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  1. Kyle Gaddo says:

    Hella getting F-Zero and Super Metroid. And actually, everything but Balloon Fight.

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