Nintendo of Japan have today confirmed the news that the console manufacturer will merge its home console and handheld divisions as a component of larger organisational changes hinted at by the Japanese newspaper, Nikkei.

Apparently scheduled to happen sometime next month, the move is thought to be part of an initiative to create a higher amount of synergy between the console and handheld divisions, with the eventual goal of a creating future platforms that would unify the Wii and DS audiences in one.

Both divisions will be plying their trade out of the shiny new $300m R&D centre that Ninty has been constructing for the last three years; itself sat in a prime position as it will be extremely close to the Kyoto offices where Nintendo’s development teams are located.

Given the present focus on bolstering the software line-up of the 3DS in addition to the ensuring the success of their newly launched Wii U console, I wouldn’t expect any impact of the restructuring to be felt in the near-term, but there sure will be a lot of interesting stuff bubbling under surface shortly.

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