Army of Two, what a decisive franchise. I got into the series with The 40th Day and found it to be one of the absolute best and most fun pure action shooters of the entire generation so far. Going back and playing the first game left me with a bad taste in my mouth wondering how the hell it ever even GOT a second release.

That said, I was kind of on the fence about Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. The developers have expressed interest in taking out a lot of the bro-fun antics and making it grittier, you know, like EVERY other shooter on the market. The lack of series stars Salem and Rios was another knock in my eyes. The newest trailer, however, still drops a few fun one-liners that made me chuckle and shows the two new guys might just make this a worthwhile outing.

The new trailer is dubbed “Overkill” and it certainly follows through on that. Explosions, guns, big dudes coming after you. This looks like it just might live up to The 40th Day after all! Get a full look at the trailer after the jump and make sure you get your preorder in for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Overkill Edition for the obligatory bonus DLC in preparation for the March 26th release date on Xbox 360 and PS3!

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