Hello Games, the developer of Joe Danger and Joe Danger: The Movie on PSN and XBLA respectively has confirmed to gaming site CVG that the iOS entry in the franchise, titled Joe Danger Touch, will hit the platform sometime this month.

Designed as a follow-up to the games seen on their home console counterparts, Joe Danger Touch has been built from the ground up with new stages, new characters and a redesigned control scheme that plays to the format’s strengths.

The game will also be Game Center compatible too; allowing players to sling challenges in the direction of any friends that they have.

Finally, Joe Danger Touch also employs IAP’s (In-App-Purchases) which can be made to acquire the new characters that the game has.  Alternatively, the developer has also made it wholly possible to get these additional characters without dropping a dime/penny through regular play; no doubt inclusive of a great amount of persistence and rage.

Nevertheless, if Joe Danger Touch captures just a fraction of the charm and life-crushing addictiveness that its home console brethren do, than iOS players can finally stop tinkering around with pale imitations and get stuck into the real thing at last and never look back.

Joe Danger Touch releases sometime this month exclusively for iOS

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