People can do some funky things with the Source Engine can’t they?

I mean, we’ve had the excellent Black Mesa, the sublime Dear Esther and now we have this; Jurassic Life, a seven-year in the making mod for Half-Life 2 that looks like it might hold the rare distinction of being a Jurassic Park game that doesn’t completely suck.

Sticking you in the doomed boots of Robert ‘Clever Girl’ Muldoon, the mod is primarily an FPS that has you blasting various dinos with all manner of firearms while making your way around the island to restore power after the dinosaurs throw a wobbly following the power outage chronicled in the 1993 film.

As well as featuring notable locales from the film, the game is intended as a side-story to the film with the events contained within it playing out against the timeline of the movie.

I’m not sure if its the classic John Williams score which causes nostalgic stirrings in me or if its just how close the whole thing looks to the iconic Steven Spielberg directed movie, but regardless, Jurassic Life looks like something fans of the film might want to keep an eye on.

To that end, you might want to check out the official site of the mod creators for further updates.

We’ve got the first gameplay footage of it after the break.

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